Music at the Table

As previously mentioned, one of the many things I like about D&D and tabletop RPGs is the ability to become immersed in a fantasy world. There are many ways to improve and create an immersive environment for your players. Ambient music and the well timed use of sound effects are sure to liven up the […]

Nerf Herder

We can’t talk about “geek rock” without a little Nerf Herder. Formed in 1994, they’re well known for their punk-rock style and lyrics filled with gems of geekdom and pop culture references. Their name actually originates from a Star Wars reference. A “nerf herder” is a fictional occupation referred to by Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) in the 1980 […]

Ramble On – Led Zeppelin

  Today’s Music Monday Feature is the Led Zeppelin song Ramble On. If I were to write about how great Led Zeppelin is, I’d have to go on forever and let’s face it.. you have better things to do on this lovely Monday morning.  Not only is Ramble On a great song, but it has a […]

Jonathan Coulton

Music Monday Volume 1   So, even though we’re new and not quite up and running yet, we’re going to start our blog early to keep those that are following us entertained. We’re going to try and post everyday, but it might not happen. We’re going to start our first Music Monday (See Blog Schedule) […]