Roll-Initiative will post daily with the things that interest you most!


Music Monday:

We’ll start the week right by celebrating a favorite artist or song that celebrates something Geek or Nerdy.


Tabletop Tuesday:

Tabletop is more than just D&D. Join us each Tuesday as we discuss what’s happening in the Tabletop world.


Writing Wednesday:

As consumers of the Geek and Nerdy, it’s hard for us to not discuss the books we read and the writers we worship. Roll-Initiative’s community isn’t just filled with consumers though, we hope to post original works from our very own membership here in the future as well!


Throw back Thursday:

Okay, so in the world of social media this is somewhat cliche, but we promise that our tbt posts will be the best and celebrate only things that interest you (no not my baby pictures!).


Flicks and Feature Friday:

Join us as we celebrate new film releases and discuss our favorite works of the past. It’s not all Michael Bay films here, we’ll also feature our favorite TV shows, Documentaries, and Anime.


Sinister Saturday:

Muwhahah, we generally reflect on our weekly events on Saturday.


Sunday Sundry:

With a nod towards Geek and Sundry (a great site to follow), we’ll use this day for miscellaneous items.