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Roll Initiative is membership driven! We owe our success to each and every Adept and Dragonborn that takes on our cause. Our members are just as responsible for building the tabletop gaming community as we are. Each new person that is introduced to this community allows us to grow larger and offer additional services and greater deals to our members! 

There are no commitments, you just sign up in store or online. We can put your credit card on file to renew automatically each month (you can cancel anytime online or in store).  If you draft weekly, becoming a Dragon Adept pays for itself! 

What if you don’t want to be a member? If the absolute thought of being part of something greater frightens you! We do offer a free first visit and $5 play passes which allow you to game to your heart’s content! Each pass is good for one whole day of gaming activities! And guess what? The $5 becomes store credit that you can use on drinks and snacks or towards any instore purchases!

We believe that after your first visit you’ll see the value in becoming a member. $10 FNM Drafts, 20% discounts (buy a booster box and it pays for itself!) on merchandise and being part of a great community that is growing everyday!


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